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Why is it so important to have a website?

The average internet user spends 6 hours and 43 minutes on the internet per day. So if your business is not online in some capacity, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to be seen.

How can I get my business online?


A well designed website gives the appearance of a professional and trustworthy business. A business people want to work with.


Your website is working for you day and night, 24/7. It doesn't take holidays and is never on sick leave - the perfect employee.

Time Saver

A website which explains who you are and what you're offering can save you a lot of time. Instead of explaining who you are over and over again, its all there on your website.

Wider and more specific target markets

By making use of analytics, your website can help you see exactly who is looking at your page so you can advertise more effectively

How can we get you online?

Select the option that best suits the needs of your business:

Have you heard about our R5/day web design special?

We want to help YOU! So we are offering an amazing web design special Everything you need to get your business online for only R149 a month.

  • No upfront cost- a saving of R5000 to R12 000
  • FREE domain registration for first 12 months
  • 3 custom email addresses
  • Links to your social media pages
  • User friendly and mobile responsive
  • Up to 3 webpages smartly designed for speedy click through by visitors
  • And more...


How do I sell my products online?

Welcome to our brand new estore service worth R15,000. Where we will help you setup a full woocommerce estore that can be fully managed and updated by you!

  • Add to cart, shopping function
  • Online Payment
  • Ecommerce page design, plus 3 additional pages with your chosen content.
  • and more...

More Info

Don't pay thousands for your web design! We'll do it for much less

We have designed our websites to be as affordable as possible! Check out our various other hosting packages, all of them coming with a FREE website.

  • Small Hosting package
  • Business Hosting package



The most affordable websites you'll find anywhere.

Basic Package


Hosting fee: R149/month

  • 1. Complete website with up to 2-4 pages
  • 2. No upfront cost- a savings of R7500
  • 3. Links to your social media pages
  • 4. Mobile responsive and user friendly
  • 5. Free domain registration
  • 6. 5 custom emails
  • 7. Ongoing annual website hosting
  • 8. 24 hour email support
  • 9. Webtimes membership and access to Webtimes weekly
  • 10. Free SSL certificate
  • 11. Shared Network
  • 12. Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 13. Spam Filter
  • 14. Contact form
  • 15. 1-Click Easy Installs

Business Package


Hosting fee: R449/month

  • 1. Complete website with up to 8-10 pages
  • 2. No upfront cost- savings of R20,000
  • 3. Links to your social media pages
  • 4. Mobile responsive and user friendly
  • 5. free .com,, .org, or domain registration
  • 6. 12 custom emails
  • 7. Ongoing annual website hosting
  • 8. 24 hour email support
  • 9. Webtimes membership and access to Webtimes weekly
  • 10. Free SSL certificate
  • 11. Cpanel Access
  • 12. 5 Database
  • 13. Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 14. Spam Filter
  • 15. Contact form
  • 16. 1-Click Easy Installs

Estore Package

Hosting fee: R199/month

R1200 upfront 1st month

  • 1. Complete Ecommerce Website with 3 additional pages with your chosen content all worth R15,000
  • 2. Add to cart, shopping cart function
  • 3. Online payment (you will be required to sign up as a merchant on Payfast)
  • 4. We will load the first 10 products
  • 5. Provide tutorials on how to add and change products on this fully manageable store.
  • 6. Links to your social media pages
  • 7. Mobile responsive and user friendly
  • 8. free domain registration
  • 9. 3 email accounts
  • 10. Ongoing annual website hosting
  • 11. 24 hour email support
  • 12. Webtimes membership and access to Webtimes weekly
  • 12. Free SSL certificate
  • 13. Wordpress Backoffice access
  • 14. 1 Database
  • 15. Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 16. Spam Filter


Add-ons with a Once-off Cost

Once you have signed up with the hosting fee, you can add these extras to improve the performance of your website.

  • R300 Setup 1 Social Media Account
  • R400 Setup 2 Social Media Accounts
  • R500 Setup 4 Social Media Accounts
  • R895 Technical SEO Once-Off
  • R300 Simple Logo Design
  • R200Draft and publish your Privacy Policy

We Will Match Your Hosting

Do you already have a website? We will match your hosting price today!

Just send us your current host and package. If you want to know about how to transfer a domain Click here

Contact Us


Meet the people behind Webtimes


Chief Executive Officer

Kenny has been an IT and Business Consultant and Entrepreneur for 20+ years. He has a Business Management qualification, but says all his learning came from actually building and running businesses. He has consulted for some big companies like Sanlam, Old Mutual, Metropolitan Life, Naspers/Media24, Woolworths, Woolworths Financial Services and the South African Government, but finds it a lot more rewarding to work with small businesses. Kenny will tell you he is passionate about building businesses and will usually have 5 or 6 new business ideas every day, and that is just before lunch time.

Joshua Whindus

Business Manager

Raised in Cape Town, South Africa Joshua became a Dive Instructor straight out of school. He has since done everything from facilitating with WinWin consulting for AB Inbev to selling for an online network equipment store called Netsale. He loves learning, any type of learning and spends most of his spare time getting better at climbing, surfing and calisthenics.

Tess Vengadajellum

Social Media Officer

My name is Tess Vengadajellum, I am the current social media and community manager for Webtimes. I am a postgraduate Stellenbosch University marketing student and enjoy creating content and engaging online with customers. I am an advocate for supporting local businesses, a freelance journalist and enjoy jogging in my free time.

Carmen Steyn

Website developer & consultant

Carmen loves to teach, she is actually busy with her PGCE at the moment, while being a consultant for us. She has taught English overseas in both Honduras and Bangkok, Thailand. She had a pivotal role in setting up Webtimes, but has since stepped back to pursue teaching. She has a good eye for design and an excellent problem solver. In her spare time she loves climbing and yoga.

Renee Grainger-Rousseau

Project Manager

Renee has over 10 years of project management, administration, and accounting experience. Interested in learning new skills and improving the ones she already has, she takes advantage of any opportunity to do so.

The passion she has is to help people find and grow their potential, and she is always willing to offer a helping hand. She loves the outdoors, DIY projects that never go exactly as planned, crafting, and anything that has a creative element to it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Webtimes wants to change the sad statistic of 80% of startups failing within the first 2 years. Our aim is to help start ups and small businesses to get the exposure they need to succeed. Small businesses don't have the financial reserves that large companies do, so we're here to help out.

  • The monthly hosting fees include web hosting, email hosting and Webtimes Membership.
    Web hosting allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Think of it like renting the space on the internet for your website to live on.
    Email hosting allows you to use our servers to send and receive your emails - which are custom to your domain e.g.

  • All our customers who have signed up for a monthly subscription automatically receive Webtimes Membership. The benefits of membership include:

    • 20% discount on further development to your website in the future
    • Assistance with email set up
    • Assistance with any website related issues
    • Quick changes to your website when needed
  • Yes there is a difference, a landing page describes a website with a single page and a single goal and a website describes a page where people can explore and get to know more about a company.
    However website design trends have moved from websites with many different pages to single page websites. There are many possible reasons for this - one being that most users aren't willing to wait while each page loads. So to keep users engaged, all the information is presented on a single page. We also think having a single goal for a website is a better structure as lead generation is better.

  • Lodge a support ticket here:


Have any questions about how to get your business online? We would love to answer them. Send us a message or give us a call and lets get your business online today!