What is Webtimes all about?

I'm sure you've heard the statistic that over 80% of new businesses fail within the first 2 years. But did you know that this statistic hasn't really changed over the last 20+ years? At Webtimes, our aim is to change this statistic. This is no small feat, so how on earth will we be doing this? Our answer is by getting your business ONLINE.

An online presence is incredibly important in today's world. We've seen during the covid-19 lockdown that if your business isn't online and there is no foot traffic to see your physical sign, you're practically invisible.

"Okay", you say. "I'll start a Facebook page. It's free."

Sure. And a Facebook page is a great start. But does your business look professional if it only has a Facebook page that you quickly set up last night?

Webtimes is offering businesses an opportunity to look professional and trustworthy online without having to pay an arm and a leg to do so.

The solution:

Webtimes has some amazing and affordable opportunities to get your business online today!

See our R5/Day website special here.