How To Suit Up Your SME

I'm sure you put on your best suit when you go for a job interview. And I know that you dressed up the top half when you take your Zoom meetings. If we spend so much time putting our best face forward to inspire confidence in these situations, shouldn't we be doing the same for our businesses? Learn how to suit up your business in this article.

3 easy ways to suit up your SME

1. Upgrade to Whatsapp Business
Many small businesses use the personal Whatsapp account of the owner/manager. It's easy, convenient and doesn't cost anything. However, there are a few really good reasons not to be doing this:

  1. Personal Watsapp accounts often carry your personal profile picture. Your cockerspaniel or 3 cute kids in the tub is not the professional image you want to be portraying to your customers or suppliers.
  2. Even if you're really good about keeping your personal Whatsapp relatively professional looking, you will still be getting messages at all hours, on weekends etc. Customer service is very important, but not at the expense of your me-time which is essential for keeping you mentally strong.
  3. And even if you're okay with the above reasons, personal Whatsapp Accounts don't have some of the great features that Whatsapp has built for businesses. So you're missing out.

So why is Whatsapp business so great? There are some fantastic features aimed at offering your contacts more information about your business, like a business profile. You can set up your profile to include links to your website, email address, business hours...You can set up automated replies for greetings or when you're away. You can even label chats so you can easily know who is a customer, supplier, etc. Never get mixed up between John the delivery guy and John your top client again.

And the best part, it's free to switch to a business account. Check it out here

2. Get a professional Online Presence
Any online presence is better than none, a professional one is even better. It has never been easier to find information than it is today. As great as it is as a consumer to have information about a company instantly at your fingertips, it means that it now becomes the responsibility of the business to make sure that they are putting their information out there.
Step 1 is to get an online presence. But be careful, a haphazard slap-dash Facebook page that you post on once a year is not going to inspire confidence. Instead it will actually detract from your credibility. So step 2 is to make sure that your online presence gives the impression that you are a professional, trustworthy business and you will fulfill your customers needs to their satisfaction.
Even if you're working out of your garage, with the right professional website and well-looked after social media accounts, you will inspire consumer confidence and make sales.

3. Ditch the gmail
Nothing says I'm a brand new business with limited experience like a gmail address in the contact section. Getting an email address like isn't too difficult to do, especially if you've set up a website already.
If you have a website on your own domain then there's a really good chance that your web host offers webmail set up. It's probably even included in your monthly hosting fee. Depending on your package, you might have 1, 5 or unlimited email addresses available. Speak to your host to set yours up.

The solution

All Webtimes websites come with unlimited emails so you can set up one for general info, for sales, for you as the owner...Click here to get started