How do I transfer my domain?

I am sure you spent days trying to figure out the perfect domain name for your business, something that lets people know exactly who you are. However if you are dissatisfied with your website host and you don't know how to transfer your domain. No worries you came to the right place...

What is a domain Transfer?

A domain transfer is the term used for moving your domain from one host to another. It is a process that can occur at anytime as long as you have had your domain for longer than 60 days at your current registrar due to the ICANN Stipulations.

Here is a step-by-step on how to transfer your domain.

1. Ensure that all your contact info is up to date

Log on to your current account and ensure that your contact number, email and physical address is up to date. Your current and new host will need it to contact you, ensure that it is not the email address associated with the domain, but a general or public email address such as Gmail. If this info is not correct it could make the process a lot longer than it has to be.

2. Backup emails and website

Before you transfer over you need to ensure that anything that needs to be backed up, is. Your emails and your website folders are not recoverable if they have not been backed up. It is helpful for the new host to know what platform your website was developed on before sending the relevant files to him. Your current and new host can assist you with the backups.

3. Change your namesservers

Change your namesservers to your new host's. Once this is complete it will reduce the "down" time (the time it takes the domain to propogate) of your domain.

4. Request the Auth/Epp Code (authorisation code)

Often a webhost will not allow the domain to be transferred unless you enter in an authorisation code. You can request this via email from your current host and send it to the new one. The request for transfer can then go out.

5. Accept the transfer request email

An email will be sent to you asking if you will accept the transfer request. You can click accept and your new host will help you through the rest.

6. Pay for the transfer

Some hosts will require you to pay for a domain transfer. Here at Webtimes all domains can be transferred for free.

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